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Top 7 Lake Home Issues This Off Season

How many times have you returned to your lake home after a long off-season or made an unnecessary trip in the winter to check on things, only to find out that not all is as it should be in your midwestern waterfront paradise?

As Lake of the Ozarks' premier home watch and concierge service provider, we’ve addressed many issues our homeowners have faced in the past several months. Some of these occurrences are classics, while other rare issues have saved our clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages and given them back countless hours of peace of mind.

As we look ahead to boating season and eagerly await the rising lake levels and temperatures, we thought we would take a look back on some of our more memorable moments over these past several months.

1. It's a Bat, Man!

Imagine walking into your lake home for the first trip of the season, only to find that you are walking into a Bat Cave! Fortunately, Riggs Request Personal Home Managers caught this guy early enough to make sure this homeowners’ season started off bat free and clean!

By hiring a Home Watch Professional from Riggs Request, you can guarantee you have a professionally trained reporter, checking on your home every 7 – 10 days. If we would not have found this bat in the fall, it would have hibernated through the winter and the homeowner would have found him this spring. Think of the time (and headache) we saved this homeowner by resolving the issue before their next lake season!

2. Contractor Coordination To Keep You Here for Vacation

By far, our most popular concierge service is Contractor Coordination. We have great relationships with all types of contractors around the lake. We know every homeowner has different needs, so we always have a variety of recommendations for you. We always make sure your codes and keys remain secure, so as your trusted Personal Home Managers, we are the ones to give contractors access to your lake home. We will provide you with updates and ensure all contractors maintain a clean work environment. Pictured here is Kristen Riggs with Riggs Request, Amaryah with Adair’s, and Todd Corwin, with The Entertainer.

3. Storm Damage That Disappears Like It never Happened

We have had significant winds these past few months – enough to create at least a couple days’ worth of clean up for many homeowners. Fortunately, regular Home Watch visits and post-storm services through Riggs Request, helped these homeowners avoid all of that work and helped them spend more time enjoying the lake the next time they came to town.

Riggs Request always makes sure our homeowners are in the loop with not only what is happening in and out of their lake homes, but also when we are expecting severe weather. When a storm rolls through, we are quick to communicate with our clients and begin performing post-storm services as necessary. One of our clients had a hanging limb on a power line after a storm and we were able to address this right away for them!

4. Snakes and All Things Creepy Crawly

Similar to the bats, hiring a Home Watch Professional from Riggs Request may be the difference between damage and disaster. If we wouldn't have found this sticky pad full of snacks in the fall, these homeowners would have to deal with their removal a few months from when they were found. No one wants to come to the lake to go boating and end up removing critters instead!

5. Getting Our Reps in With Failed Lifts

Every home watch visit includes a thorough check of your dock. Whether it’s a cold spell in the Ozarks or you have a leak, it’s incredibly common for us to find a boat or PWC lift that has dropped. We monitor your boat lifts during every visit and when we notice a consistent problem, we help to coordinate the proper repairs. We never want you to come home to a sinking jet ski or boat!

6. Do You Smell What I smell? Gas Leaks

If you have gas at your lake home, it’s important to regularly check your appliances and other critical components for obvious issues like leaks. Fortunately, Riggs Request Personal Home Managers caught this leak early as part of a regularly scheduled Home Watch Visit.

During every Home Watch visit, we check the full exterior and interior of the property. We also test all appliances and air handlers to ensure they are working properly. If you have natural gas or propane at your lake home, you should never smell it! This winter we had a natural gas leak on the exterior of a property, a Viking stove that had a propane gas leak in a kitchen and also an air handler that ran on propane had a gas leak. All of which were addressed and resolved immediately the day they were found.

7. Underground Water leaks and Compromised Foundations

During every home watch visit, we cycle the water throughout the home and check all water zones for potential leaks. We always turn the water off upon departure. We never want to find a leak, but when it happens, we’re here for you!

We are proactively preventing damage from turning into a major disaster for homeowners and early detection is key to mitigate further issues. When we realized this homeowner's foundation had persistent moisture issues, we knew there was likely an underground leak somewhere on the exterior of the property. We immediately got to work on a solution which not only lowered their water bill, but gave them back their fun-filled summer at Lake of the Ozarks.

Have you experienced any of these issues at your home at Lake of the Ozarks? Wish you had someone you can trust to manage all of the stress for you? Schedule a free Personal Home Evaluation with us to take the first step in maximizing the memories while you're here and gain peace of mind when you're not, with a Riggs Request Home Watch Plan.

Riggs Request, LLC is owner-operated and Accredited by the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) and carries the correct insurance coverage and bonding in order to protect our clients. Kristen has gone through extensive training and earned the Certified Home Watch Reporter designation from The Home Watch Network, Your Home Watch Professionals. The company has been reviewed by Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau and all company principals and employees have passed background checks. Riggs Request has also been named Missouri's Best Home Watch Company for 2023.




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